Sunday, May 19, 2019

Working Out the Kinks

We've had the mobile set up at Gainesville Hackerspace since April 30th.  Every item below is something we've used and had good experience with.  Just as importantly, all of the items recommended below play well with all the other gear in our system.

In just shy of three weeks, here are changes we have begun piloting to allow the most seamless use without assistance for most users:

  • Fabric strips covering the joints between wall panels.  Better lighting for the wall can only do so much to help with chroma keying. These strips help fill the void. We will make a video on how these were made soon.  In the meantime here are some things you'll need:
Note the strips behind each shoulder versus
 the dark joint lines in the corners.
  • A music stand to get everything within arm's reach of the user but off the main table being recorded.  This included the need to move away from the Zoom L-12 for this space and tablets to control each camera remotely. More to come in a video soon.  For now here is a list of things to buy:
    • Music Stand - A solid back model is ideal for holding tablets
    • Tablets - The Samsung Tab E Lite 7 work well and we have three (2 for camera control and 1 for teleprompter use).
    • Remote for teleprompter - this remote pairs well with the Samsung Tablet
    • Zoom H6 - great prosumer preamps, single button record, and it will fit on the stand
    • Wall Charger for H6 - this will power your H6 at half the price of the Zoom charger
    • SD Card - This one works well for all of our equipment
    • Power Strip - Sometimes we use what we have to save money. If you are going to buy one though, this strip is black and has a 6 foot cord to make reaching your power outlet easier
    • Cord Management - Lets not forget to keep things tidy.
Shown here testing with an open back music stand. We had to add craft wood during testing to keep the tablets in place.
  • Everyone needs their own media storage.  Here is what you need to run the two camera and separate audio setup we use.
    • External Hard Drive - A great place to move your footage and audio from SD cards for editing in Adobe Premiere or other software. This drive reads and writes more than quickly enough for the file sizes you will record based on our space design
    • SD Cards - We use three of these cards. Two for the cameras and one of the H6. They works well for all of our equipment.
    • SD Card Reader - What good are SD cards if you can't access them? This reader handles that perfectly.
    • Case - Don't forget to get something to keep it all together! 
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